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This South20 Angelim Pedra hardwood-flooring product originates from the rain forest areas of Brazil, Guyana, and Surname. It is common for the Angelim Pedra tree to reach 50 to 100 It in height with trunk diameters of .6 to l .6 to.

The wood product is produced by local natives specifically for South20 from the Angelim Pedra tree that is native to these areas. South20 receives the material to the US in the form of-raw cut lumber where it is placed in storage for air drying and kiln drying process. South20 will mill the lumber to specified dimensions to produce hardwood flooring and decking products.


Angelim Pedra is recommended for wide use in floor coverings of residential homes with heavy human traffic. Those who prefer hardwood floors in lieu of the Conventional ceramic or carpet covering should utilize this hardwood product. The South20 Angelim Pedra hardwood product offers one of the most durable woods on the market that will resist any sign of use and provide long lasting beauty. With the use of this product the covering becomes permanent protection for the home or historic dwelling.

General characteristics:

The Angelim Pedra product's Heartwood is yellow when fresh and darkening on exposure to an orange-brown to dark brown. The texture is coarse to very coarse; luster low to medium; grain is straight to strongly interlocked.


Basic specific gravity (oven dry weight/green volume) 0.56,* air-dry density 76 pct.
Janka side hardness is 3,060 lb. for green material and 3,680 lb at 12% moisture content.

The Janka Hardness scale is a comparison chart to other woods.

Moisture Content Bending Strength Modulus of Elasticity Maximum Crushing Strength
  PSI 1,000 PSI PSI
Green 22,560 2,920 10,350
Dry 25,360 3,140 13,010

Drying and Shrinkage:

This Angelim Pedra Wood is rated to air dry with no difficulty. It seasons at moderate to good rate with only slight checking and warp. Kiln schedule T3-Cl is suggested for 4/4 to 6/4 stock. Risks of distortion and checking are slight.

Working Properties:

The Angelim Pedra Wood is easy to moderately difficult to work. It is moderately easy to glue with care and finish being satisfactory. Clear oil works best to bring out color and longevity.


This Angelim Pedra product is very durable as rated by field exposure trials. Heartwood is also rated moderately to good resistant to attack by decay, fungi and termites. The product is resistant to water.

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